A review of our grant-giving from 2000-2010 can be downloaded here PPCF Review 2000-2010.pdf.  It should not be used as a guide to future grant-giving.

Examples of grants awarded over the past 1-2 years include the following:


Airport Watch

Educating UK policy-makers about the dangerously unsustainable growth and levels of air freight.  £15,000 over two years.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues

Working at a policy level to inform and encourage the debate about ways of resolving conflicts without the use of violence, and informing parliamentarians' support for non-violent conflict transformation.  £3,000


British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group

Working with organisations with long-standing engagement in Afghanistan, they are seeking to inform the Afghan government and their supporters about community peace-building approaches, thus addressing a gap in current policy thinking.  £17,000 over two years.

British Pugwash Trust

Enabling Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala's work in Cambridge University as a visiting scholar, to inform work for a renewal of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  £10,000


China Dialogue

Building understanding between the West and China on the issue of climate change by promoting information exchange and dialogue using a bilingual web site.  £17,000 over two years.

Conflicts Forum

Promoting understanding between the Western and Muslim worlds by challenging attitudes, values and ideologies that promote conflict.  £24,000 over three years.


Examining and promoting the understanding of new technologies that are potentially harmful to the environment and communities, and the influences and interests that lie behind them. £8,000

Environmental Law Centre, Scotland

National level work with NGOs, networks and communities to use the law to promote environmental awareness and national level debate on key environmental issues.  £16,000 over two years.


Gender Action for Peace and Security

Promoting a gender perspective in the security and peace-building policies of the UK government though monitoring and awareness raising about the UK's international commitments in this respect.  £20,000 over two years.


GeneWatch UK

Enabling a more informed political debate about genetics and the public interest in the UK through the use of a web site, and other activities.  £16,000 over two years.


International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

Promoting an informed debate about the health effects of depleted uranium, so that decisions about uranium weapons use and proliferation are made in the public interest.  £20,000 over two years.


NATO Watch

Provide independent monitoring, information and analysis of NATO policy, increasing transparency, parliamentary engagement, and broad public awareness and participation in its processes.  £8,000

Nuclear Weapons Policy Liaison Group

To coordinate and strengthen coherent and peer-reviewed independent technical advice into current policy making over the future of Britain’s nuclear arsenal.  £12,000 over two years.


Peace Brigades International UK Section

Advocacy and awareness work that will promote the safety of their human rights defenders, and advance their work for peace and human rights.  £30,000 over three years.



Promoting information and dialogue on the role of the fossil fuel industry and UK institutional investors in it, so that the likelihood of global environmental breakdown due to fossil fuel extraction and use is reduced.  £14,000 over two years.


Poverty and Environment Trust

Parliamentary and national work to educate and promote the Sustainable Communities Act, enabling local action in support of sustainable practices.  £10,000 over two years.


Public Interest Research Centre

Promoting an integrated understanding of climate, energy and economics, and thus acting as a bridge between civil society, policy-makers and the work of climate scientists, renewable energy experts and alternative economists. £16,000 over two years.


Quaker Council for European Affairs

Promoting the consideration of civilian rather than military approaches to crisis management at EU foreign policy level.  £16,000 over three years.


Transition Network

Supporting transition initiatives worldwide, for community-led responses to peak-oil and climate change, building resilience and happiness.  £8,000

Women's Environmental Network

Education and empowerment to raise the awareness of women’s perspectives on environmental issues and achieve environmental justice for women.  £5,000

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